Quick Contact Form Smart Lights are Better Microchip PIC with intelligent analog integration like the PICFX family make possible to get advanced features such as digital control smooth dimming well color temperature tuning usagebased lifetime prediction and networked communication for monitoring . MCP Fully Integrated Linear Solution The device is for system load sharing and LiIon LiPolymer battery charge management with ACDC wall adapter USB port power sources selection

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MCPF The is a highly integrated singlephase powermonitoring IC designed for realtime measurement of input AC DC supplies providing and energy values. We will contact you only if need additional information to appropriately answer your question order address . Microchip s accessory development kits make easy to your products with fast timeto market MTCHx Direct Mechanical Buttons Replacement In hardwareonly configuration these and channel capacitive touch controllers simple digital output making add proximity detection any application